There are ALOT of home schooling possibilities out there. A thousand and one curriculums,  websites trying to sell you a year’s worth of work and so on. After much research we decided to have a bit of a mash of lots of different homeschooling approaches.

If we wanted to be fancy we would tell you we are doing an “eclectic approach”.  Basically this means we take bit and pieces out of different methods and use what works for our kids and what we agree with on a philosophical level I supposed I’d say.

For example, we like the freedom that homeschooling gives us and so we will go on week breaks around the topics the kids are learning about. Such as the Jurassic Coast to go fossil digging when were learning about the Dinosaurs.  However, they do have structured learning time each day too. 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to homeschooling and that is something I think is important to keep in mind.

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