I am me. I was going to start with I’m a mother of 4  but I was me before that happened.

I guess in the world of motherhood I’m not the norm for my age. We got married when I was 19. My parents loved and still love my husband and I see my husband’s family as my own. We had our first baby when I was 21, and our youngest is now 2 .

In some ways I guess I’m mummsy- in others nope. I try to be as practical with my kids as I can. If the kids has done something stupid and  which results in them hurting themselves, I’m going to make sure they are ok and then probably tell them off for being stupid in the first place.

I have several pin boards with things to do with “the boys”  with “Ellie” ( my eldest) and “baby”, and while I love all the ideas I’ve saved, I know I’m not going to use them all.  I mean I know some of those activities will NOT entertain MY 2 year old for “hours” (HA!)  And while I have another board for great Ideas for organising my house, I truth I’ve used some, but my home has remained what all home looks like with small children living in it- tidy for a couple of hours a week and a stressed mess the rest of it. Safe and clean but really a mess- the type you can make look tidy 20 min before people come over.

And so while, I enter a room full of people they will address my baby and then the kids in reverse chronological order before they realise what they’ve done and say an awkward ” oh hey hi [and a typical British] how are you?”, I am me.

In September 2019 we  took the plunge and started homeschooling our oldest 3.  And despite having been in the world of education for 10 years, this was a huge step.

My crazy lovely nerdy husband has set up this blog/website for me to release some of my mummsy  homeschooling ness onto the world. Some practical, non romantic in a pintrest way, look on motherhood and homeschooling in the 21st century…. and in the UK 🙂 


 Helloooo there